Monday, April 11, 2016

Soccer Season

Cole has played three games of the outdoor soccer season so far, and he's loving it! This is his first time to play games on a team like this since we've been doing Little Kickers up until this point. We will definitely be doing a little of both because he has learned a ton from Little Kickers and it shows on the field!

Tony volunteered to coach Cole's team and they named their team the Panthers. They practice on Mondays and have games on Saturdays.

For their first game, they played the Avengers. They play three on three with no goalie. So everyone is really just trying to get the ball and score. Cole was the star player! He scored 15 goals and just ran circles around the other kids. He really has some great skills from his almost two years of indoor practice! He had a great time and the other kids on his team had fun too. A couple scored a goal too. So the Panthers won by a lot!

For their second game, they played another Avengers team. This team had another kid that was good, like Cole, so they went after the ball most of the game. Cole scored four goals this time. He didn't get to play as much either because all six of our players were there. The Panthers lost by a couple of goals in this game.
Tony's mom has come to all of Cole's games, which has been really fun! She's even braved the cold mornings for the second and third games.

Cole's third game was against the Superheroes last Saturday. Cole had another big scoring game with 11 goals, and the Panthers won again. The kids on the Superheroes team seemed a lot smaller and younger than the kids on our team, but you never know. They play in a U5 age group, so it's possible.
The end of the game is always hilarious! The parents make a tunnel for the kids to run through and they always run through the tunnel on the opposing team! Haha! Then they make it back to our team tunnel and then just keep going back and forth through both of them!
Cole and the Emma Girl! She's managed to sleep through all three games so far!

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