Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Easter Recap

Since we were learning how to take care of a newborn and two busy kids, we survived Easter the best we could!  We managed to get everyone ready for church but it basically wore us out for the rest of the day!  Cole even changed his clothes before I could get a picture of all three of them!
Say "CANDY"!!!
Poor Emma's dress was huge on her because I bought a 0-3 month size thinking she would be a big baby too!
Easter Sunday was also rainy, so we didn't even do another egg hunt. But the kids had already been to two egg hunts!  One was our neighborhood egg hunt that we've been to the past few years. 
It was actually a little chilly in the morning. 
Tony helped Cate get her eggs. 
She was pumped about all her candy!
Cole ran as fast as he could to get the eggs in his area!
He was excited because his good buddy from school was there! He basically hung out with him the entire time. 
Cole and Cate also went to an egg hunt at Tulsa Country Club with Tony's mom and had a ton of fun!  They came home with a huge amount of candy and stories about the Easter Bunny dropping candy from a helicopter and how Cole got one of the golden eggs!

We also colored and decorated a few eggs before Easter. Cate was excited to get in on the action this year. 
They really like the dye part the best and lose interest after that. 
And we only ended up with three cracked eggs that landed on the floor somehow!  Haha!
Hopefully next Easter will feel a little more like a celebration and not just getting by!  But we did have some fun and made some good memories...we were just pretty tired!

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