Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cole's 5th Birthday

Cole turned 5 last Friday!  He's growing up so much and it's so crazy to think that he is 5 now. We had only been home from the hospital for two days, so Tony's parents helped us make his day special. 

They took Cole to see the movie Zootopia, went to lunch, and took him to Target to pick out a birthday gift.  He picked out the Paw Patroler. Both he and Cate have loved playing with it!

He came back in the afternoon and we hung out while the girls napped. Then he opened the rest of his gifts after dinner. 
Tony's parents came back for dinner and cake at our house too. Cole picked Slim's Chicken for his birthday dinner meal. 
We sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream!
Cole wanted to stay up all night to play with his new toys. We spent the next few days putting together Lego sets too. 
Then Cole got to celebrate his birthday at school on Monday when they got back from Spring Break.  He brought cupcakes and Star Wars napkins for his snack to share with his friends. 
He had been talking about his birthday on the calendar at school all month!

The birthday is a big deal to the Cole Man, so we wanted to make sure his day was special and fun!  

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