Thursday, March 10, 2016

Celebrating Cole's 5th Birthday!

We celebrated Cole turning 5 last weekend with a fun party with family and friends at the Tulsa Children's Museum. He chose where he wanted to have his party this year, and it was a great idea! We had their party room for one hour first. They had these cool chalkboard table cloths that the kids got to color and draw all over. It was a huge hit!

We decided to have donuts instead of a cake since his party was at 10 AM. We ordered four different types of character donuts (Captain America, Spiderman, Super Man, and Batman) plus some glazed and chocolate iced. There were not many superhero ones left that's for sure! Cole picked out a "5 Candle" for his donut and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

The cute birthday boy!
And little sis!
Then he opened gifts...lots of superhero toys this year!
Then we moved the party to the exhibit rooms at the Children's Museum and everyone had tons of fun playing, climbing, jumping, and running around!
The tape slide is always a favorite! Tony made Cate go with him.

It was a beautiful day outside, so we played on the playground for a little bit with a few friends. Cole and his friends from school all had their light sabers ready to go! We took a few family pictures too.

We have come to love birthday parties on location! Cole had such a great time playing with all of his friends all at once! He had been looking forward to his birthday party for weeks, and I think it lived up to his expectations. Now he's counting down the days to his "real birthday"! He's getting a lot of celebrating in this month!

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