Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday to Cate!

Today is Cate's Birthday!! We celebrated with a little party on Saturday at our house.
We had mostly family and a few friends and kids over. It was the perfect size for a two year old party...enough that she enjoyed it, but not too much where it was a lot of work for us! We had a few snacks and pizza for an early dinner.
The kids played for awhile and we opened gifts. Every kid wants to "help" with that, but they did a good job being patient and letting her open as best as she could.
The older boys supervising!
Cate wanted to have a princess party, although she's just semi-into the princess thing. She picked Sophia plates, and we were able to find a Sophia shirt and balloons. The cake was harder to find, so we ended up with just a Disney princess one that she loved too!
She did the little kid thing of just looking around wondering what's going on when everyone started singing to her.
Cole gave his assistance in blowing out the candles too.
Nina and Pop Pop came from Texas for the birthday bash!
We have done a few things today to celebrate with her and will have to do a two year update after she has her check up next week! Birthday season in the Wysocki House has begun!

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