Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas In Texas

We had a nice, relaxing Christmas in The Woodlands this year! We drove down on Tuesday before Christmas and made it before dinner. Poor Cate has had some trouble with car sickness, so that kind of put us behind a little bit. She had once incident, but seemed to feel better after she got sick and never did again. (We did end up calling her doctor and got a prescription for the drive home and it worked!) The kids did great on the drive down. They watched a few shows, but nothing crazy. They colored, slept, played with toys, or just chilled out.

On Wednesday, my mom and I took Cole and Cate to the Children's Museum. They love going there and playing with all the fun toys!
They especially loved the dress up this time!
That afternoon Tony and Cole got their haircut. Tony had promised Cole a trip to see the famous Ivis and get a hair cut like daddy's, so that's just what they did!
Tony kept sending me pictures because Cole looked like he was miserable and did not talk!
Cole loves his haircut though! It really did turn out just like Tony's, but a little longer. He looks like such a big boy!
While the boys were getting their haircuts, Cate helped Nina make frosting for Christmas cookies. She loved the snowman spatula and helping pick frosting colors.
After dinner, we frosted a few Christmas cookies. Cate was mostly into dumping sprinkles on hers while Cole actually took his time and decorated each cookie to his perfection. This was definitely Cole's first year of getting into the decorating part.
On Christmas Eve morning, we did a littler shopping at Market Street. The kids loved the big tree so much that neither one would stand still for a picture! Oh well!
We got dressed up for Christmas Eve church with the family. Cole and Cate did pretty well sitting in the normal service. Each year gets better and less antsy. Cate loved the music, so that helped.
These two were excited to finally open a present after seeing them under the tree for days!
Cole wrote his first note for Santa all by himself! It was so sweet to see him write on his own and pick out the treats for Santa and his reindeer.
Then came Christmas Day! Cole slept until 7 AM and he was able to wake everyone up and get them downstairs. We love their excitement and surprising them with toys they've had their eye on for awhile.
Stockings first!
Cole asked Santa for the Imaginext Batcave...and he delivered.
Cate asked Santa for Doc Mcstuffins toys. This one in particular was a gift from Cole though.
They both got a lot of fun toys, but it was a lot of opening since there were gifts from grandparents, aunts, us, and Santa and we had six adults and the two kids. The kids did a good job taking their time and played with a few things while they were waiting their turn.
We spent the rest of Christmas Day playing with new toys and hanging out with family. It was a relaxing day for sure. Cole and Cate were worn out and slept in until after 8 AM the next morning! They had to recover!

We really didn't do a whole lot over the weekend either. My Dad took Cole to hit golf balls (and an ice cream treat) on Saturday and Cole and Cate got into the hot tub. They wanted to get in pretty much every day and swim! Cole even got in the water when it wasn't heated...crazy! (It was an unusually warm Christmas, but still!)
On Monday, Cole, Cate, and I visited some friends and played at Chick-fil-a in the morning. It was fun to catch up with Leila, my old teaching partner, and Tori, who I taught with too but knew from high school swimming. Now none of us are working and we each have two kids. It was a wild time!

That evening we met my other good friend, Alyssa, and her husband and two kids for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. It was a short visit, but it was worth it to see them and catch up as much as we could. We could not get these three to look at the same time either!
We had some more family time on Tuesday before driving back home on Wednesday. We decided to leave kind of early and actually made it home around 3:30 in the afternoon. It was nice to get a little grocery shopping done and have dinner at home without rushing around. Cole was more restless on our drive home, but we made it with the bonus of a little snow still in our front yard for the kids! They were pretty bummed to see pictures of snow in Tulsa when we were in Texas. I'm sure we will have another snow for them this winter...maybe just not as much as last year.
We've had a few more days of our Christmas break to spend at home relaxing before it's back to work and school on Monday! I think everyone might actually be ready for that though.

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