Thursday, January 21, 2016

Celebrating Cate

We wanted to make sure Cate had a fun day on her actual birthday (Monday)!  Cole was off of school, so I took both of them to the Children's Museum for some play time. 
They had a great time and we got there early to be sure we beat the crowds. 
They always find something different and fun to do!  Cole started doing somersaults down the big tape slide on this trip!

Then we made a stop at Merritt's Bakery for a birthday treat. 
Cate picked a snowflake frosted cookie and Cole picked a Batman cupcake. 

After Tony got home from work, we took Cate out to dinner at Hideaway for pizza (one of her favorites). Then we went toTarget to let her pick out a toy. She chose a Princess Sophia radio that plays music and has a microphone for singing. And it's the greatest thing ever for her!  She loves it and knows the words of one of the songs already!
We got her the Sophia pjs which made the performance!

Until she put on the Sophia sunglasses too!
Just the cutest 2 year old ever!!

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