Friday, January 29, 2016

Cate's 2 Year Update

We took Miss Cate to the doctor for her 2 year check up this week. She is growing and hitting all her milestones very well. She's 37 in tall (97%) and 30 pounds (84%). I was surprised to see that she only a half in shorter and 12 ounces lighter than Cole at this age. She is or is almost as tall as a lot of 3 or older 2 year olds.
She is wearing size 2T clothes and a few 3T (which is what we'll buy for the summer). She's still in a size 5 diaper, but will soon go up a size there too. She is about a size 7 in shoes, but can wear some 6's still. We are basically trying to make all the winter clothes last as long as we can and make it until April (or whenever it starts to get warm)!

Cate is a good, routine sleeper. She naps about 2 hours a day, sometimes longer when we don't have to pick Cole up at school. She usually goes to bed around 7:30 PM and will sleep until 7:30 AM, or close to it. She's still sleeping in her crib, but will soon be moving to the bottom bunk in Cole's room. She sleeps with her lovey and blanket (aka blanklet) every night.
This was Cate the day we were setting up the bunk beds.

She is a talker and a singer these days! Most of that is thanks to Cole, who she copies in every way. She cracks us up every day with what she says and the way she says it with her little girl voice. Some of her favorite shows are Doc McStuffins, Pepa Pig, Little Einsteins, or whatever Cole is watching. We took her to see her first movie a few weekends ago and saw The Good Dinosaur. She liked watching the movie, but didn't stay in her seat the whole time.
She loves music and dancing. She learned some of the songs Cole did for his Christmas program and loves the "color songs" that he's learned at preschool.
She likes puzzles, Little People, baby dolls/stuffed animals, music toys, books, her doctor bag toys or whatever Cole is playing, superheroes, etc.
Her personality is really showing through these days. She can be super sweet and lovey one minute and turn around a be feisty the next minute. She has no problem telling us what she wants and will cry or yell at Cole when he does something she doesn't like (which some days is all the time!). She will always end up doing what we ask her to do and will chill out when we finally say enough, but she will try to put up a fight. And she will turn around a tell you she loves you the next minute!
She hasn't shown any interest in potty training just yet, and we will definitely wait until she's ready with the new baby coming soon. It'll be a lot of changes for her. We are going to try our best not to make her feel left out, but I have a feeling she's going to be great at the big sister role! We love our sweet Cate...Happy Birthday!!!!

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