Friday, December 11, 2015

Razorback Engagement!

I need to get myself caught up before Christmas gets here and I'm really behind!  

The day after Thanksgiving was a very exciting day!
Stacy and Gerrod got engaged!  Woo hoo!
We all went to Arkansas for the Razorback game, and Gerrod and Stacy made a visit to campus ahead of time where he proposed by her name on the sidewalk on campus. (I forget what that's called!)

We spent the rest of the day at the game in a suite with our family and Gerrod's parents who drove from OKC area to be there to celebrate too. 
We could not have been happier to watch the game inside!  It was in the 40s and raining the entire day. 
Stacy and Gerrod had ordered lots of food and drinks for us, and we just hung out and let the kids play around. 
We had such a fun time!  The kids fell asleep before we even got to the highway to drive home!  Plus we are so happy for Stacy and Gerrod and can't wait for a wedding next year!

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