Sunday, December 13, 2015

December Fun

We've had some unusually warm December weather that we've been taking advantage of...going to the park after school is always a favorite!
Tony and I had a shopping and dinner date night, but I think the kids had the best time with Uma while we were gone! We were home before they were that night!

She took them to see the gingerbread houses and lights and the Philbrook Museum. 

They loved it!!  
Then, she took them to dinner at Panera and back to her house for some fun bubble bath time before the headed home. 

Cole was invited to a school friend's birthday party at Incredible Pizza. He had lots of fun being silly and playing games!

These two love running up and down the street in the evenings waiting for Daddy to come home!

We also had our first cookie decorating party with our neighbors across the street. 
Cole spent a lot of time on his creations.  This cookie was only half decorated!
Cate just wanted to eat the frosting and sprinkles!
We have a few more decorating parties coming up, so maybe she will get the hang of it??!!

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