Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

Tony and I went to Cole's Thanksgiving Feast at preschool last week. The kids sang a cute gobble, gobble song and were dressed in their Pilgrim/Native American looking costumes. :)
Then we ate lunch together!  Everyone brought a side dish or dessert, and we had turkey, of course. 
We love all these fun preschool things we get to go to now!

Just A Few Things

We haven't had a lot going on the past two weeks. Just doing the usual school week routine.  But I do have a few cute pictures of the kiddos. 

Pj time!
We checked out a new park one day. Cole named it Boat Park for obvious reasons. 
We've also been taking walks and going to our neighborhood park. The weather has just been so nice. 
We went to dinner at a friend's house one night and they have a little two month old girl. Cate could not get enough of her!  She watched her swing and wanted to hold her for a long time!  She was worried that Reagan was thirst and needed to go night night too. It was so cute!
Cole and Cate have been all about the bubble baths lately!
Cate also spent a good amount of time coloring her face while I was cleaning in another room. 
We made brownies for Tony's work Thanksgiving lunch and everyone really just liked licking the bowl!
We are excited for next week when all of our families get together for Thanksgiving at our house!  We've been busy getting everything ready and some shopping done early!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tulsa Run 2015

Another Tulsa Run is in the books!  This year we added another Wysocki runner!  Cole got to run the 2k!
With Mom. 
He was most excited that he got a race shirt in his size. The other two races he's done have only had adult shirts. :)

The 2k started between the 5k and 15k at 8:30 am. We made it to the start in plenty of time and got a spot near the front. Cole had a great run!  He ran the entire race even up the hills. We finished in 11:46 for the 2k (about 1.2 miles). 

We met my parents at the finish with Cate. 
We had about an hour before we would see Tony finish the 15k. So we walked around and found a spot near the finish. Cole and Cate practiced their race skills for awhile when we were waiting. 
We cheered loud for Tony at the end!
He ran 1:02:19 (88th overall, 10th age group). It was a little faster than last year but not a PR for him. The course they have now is not as flat as ones they've had in previous years. 

The runners!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat

We had a Spider Man and a Butterfly Princess this Halloween!
They were very excited to trick or treat this year. We were lucky enough to have Uma and Nina & Pop Pop here with us too. 
The rain cleared out by Saturday morning and we had nice, cool weather this year. Cole was a pro at trick or treating this year. Cate was the one that surprised us. She was all about it!  She said "trick or treat" and "thank you" at every house. 
Then as she walked away she said "more candy" and "nother house" as she ran after Cole to the next house. She would not let anyone hold her candy bag either. I think she thought she wouldn't get it back!
We went around to a few streets in our neighborhood. They also had fun passing out the candy when we got back home. 
They had quite the candy pile!

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