Wednesday, October 7, 2015

U-S-A!!! Solheim Cup

The deciding factor for us to take this trip was to be able to go to the Solheim Cup and then add some other travel time on to it afterwards. The tournament was held at St. Leon Rot Golf Club from Friday to Sunday, but the opening ceremonies were on Thursday evening. We went a little early to attend the open house the US team had in their team room. There were tons of people there ready to cheer on the team. Cole's main objective was to get his face painted. Stacy brought face paint for him and Michelle used her artistic skills!
We had to leave the girls to get ready and found our seats in the large tent they had set up for the opening and closing ceremonies. They also used it for Oktoberfest after parties each night.
We did our best to cheer loud for our team! Cole and Cate got really good at the U-S-A cheer and flag waving!
Stacy played in the morning on Friday, and we planned on trying to watch the entire round. We soon found out that there was an extremely long walk to the first tee and the course was super muddy because it had been raining there for nearly the past week.
We got there on time, ready to go, started our walk and then had some major issues! Our stroller wheels got covered and tracked around a ton of mud AND Cole slipped and took a huge fall right into the mud! He was crying and covered in mud all over his hands and clothes. We decided to scratch making it to the first few holes, and went to the PING Pavilion to clean up and watch the matches on the TV screens.
Cole and Cate just wanted to play around under the tables and did games on our phones until Stacy's match got closer to us, about hole 7. We quickly realized that we just needed to be flexible and patient!
We finally started watching the rest of Stacy's round.
We were able to use some of the "Inside the Ropes" passes and took turns pushing Cate outside the ropes. She's not quite quiet enough for that yet.
Cole liked walking inside the ropes and sharing Pop Pop's chair with him.
Cole got really tired from walking. We didn't bring our double stroller since it's so big and just made do with our small foldable one. He lucked out and made friends so he could ride on the US team co-captain's cart! He claimed his spot there at some point every day.
Another favorite spot of Cole's was this inflatable golf station for kids. The balls stuck to the target in front of him. He thought it was very cool!
Stacy ended up not playing Friday afternoon, so we were able to take the kids back to eat and nap after that. Then on Saturday, we actually hadn't planned on going to watch any of the golf because we thought it would be too much, but there ended up being some rain delays and they were still playing late into the afternoon. So after an early nap, we went out to watch the rest of Stacy's second match that day. Cole spent much of his time on the cart, so only Cate got a cute picture and some TV time with Stacy when their match ended because it was getting dark.
We didn't get to the course early in the morning because they had to finish their round from Saturday, and we figured the walk to the first tee again was too much and got there around the seventh hole again. We had a few spare minutes to let the kids ride the John Deere tractors since it was our last day.
Cate was waving her flag proudly!
Stacy's match was really close, but she ended up losing her point on the 17th hole. We stayed to watch the rest of the girls come in and started to realize that the US team had a real chance of winning and making a huge comeback!
They ended up winning by one point! 14 1/2 to 13 1/2! The girls were so excited and cheering for each other! It was a great moment and we were excited that we were there to see it and be there for Stacy!
We were able to go back to the team room for lots of toasts and cheering and excitement!
Cole and Cate were so tired! They just ate French fries and played games on our phones. They fell asleep as soon as we got back into the car, but we couldn't just leave and miss all the celebrating!
Our last thing to do was go to the closing ceremonies where the US team was given the Solheim Cup!
We also went back to the team hotel where we thought we would celebrate with the team. We waited patiently inside and outside on a bench for the team bus.
It ended up taking them a lot longer to make it to the hotel, so we just stayed to see Stacy and let Cole talk to her for awhile before we headed back to our apartment. The kids were super tired, and we knew we couldn't make it to stay and wait to eat and all that. We ended up finding a random McDonalds and ate there before heading back. We had a big day of driving the next day, but we definitely didn't want to miss out on all the excitement. We just did the best we could, but wish we could have stayed longer and seen Stacy more.

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