Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tulsa Oktoberfest

Last weekend, we visited the Tulsa Oktoberfest with the kids. Tony has prepaid for tickets when he planned on going for our church group's guy's night, but it got rained out. We decided to not let them go to waste and still make it out on Saturday morning. 
Tony's getting used to this before lunch beer!  Haha
Tony and I went to the Oktoberfest here before Cole was born and hadn't been since. We had to say it was much improved, but not as good as the real thing in Munich, of course. We figured it's maybe 5% of the size of the one in Germany!  But still cool that Tulsa has something like this. 

All Cole and Cate wanted to do were the rides. 
We let them do a few, but called it quits when we ran out of tickets. The rides were kind of pricey too. 
We stayed for about an hour. We enjoyed the cool fall weather too. It was the perfect amount of time to stay out, and we headed back home for lunch and football games on TV. 

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