Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salzburg Day 2 - The Rainy Day

We knew the weather wasn't going to be great for our second day in Salzburg, so we decided we would try to do a Hop On Hop Off Bus to see some of the things we hadn't seen yet. And we wouldn't have to be out in the rain to do it! It was even cold and rainy doing the short walk over to the spot where the bus picked up.
Cate enjoyed her own seat, most of the time.
The bus basically made a big loop and had ten or so stops where you could get off, walk around, and then catch the next bus to continue on. We stayed on the bus, for the most part, and only got off at one stop. I jumped off to take a picture of Schloss Leopoldskron that was used as the back of the house in The Sound of Music though.
The one place we did get off and wait for the next bus was at Hellbrunn Palace. It was so cold and rainy, but we wanted to see the Trick Fountains and the gazebo from The Sound of Music. We majorly disappointed Cole when we realized the Trick Fountains were not cheap to go see and were on a schedule. We honestly thought they were just open to the public to look at. The next time to see them was when we were supposed to be getting on our next bus. We did not want to wait around in the cold and have to wait for another bus after that. But we did walk out into the gardens to find the gazebo.
We also saw the outside of the palace, but you had to pay to see the inside! They knew they had you once you were there and charged for everything!
This was how everyone felt about our stop at Hellbrunn was kind of a bust. I think if it had been a nicer day it wouldn't have been so bad.
We took the next bus back around to the Mirabellplatz Gardens, where we started our tour. We also wanted to see the gardens here because they are in The Sound of Music too! Had it not been raining, we would have liked to see more of it. We just did the highlights and walked through the main part and took a few pictures.
We ended up having lunch back at our apartment. We had to get back and warm up! Everyone rested for awhile, and we decided we could go out one more time and brave the weather. We went to a few shops and checked out the festival set up in several of the main squares. Cole got to ride one of the rides. (In all honesty, he had another breakdown because we wouldn't let him do more than one ride. He was in a terrible mood.)
Then we went to a beer tent to get out of the misty, cold rain and had a donut pretzel and Tony had a beer. We hung out and listened to the music for awhile.
We ended up going to a burger place for dinner that night. The fries (and burgers, I heard) were really good. The non-burger choices for the kids and I were not so great, but that's ok. We had some good laughs about the language translation of things there. We went home that night to pack up and get ready to leave for the last stop on our trip, Munich, the next morning!

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