Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cate Update

Well I've taken a nice long break from blogging, and haven't totally decided if I'm going to keep it going or not. The main reason I do is to keep track of all the little things that I might otherwise forget.  Especially for Miss Cate!

Cate will be 20 months old in September and she has changed so much this summer!  She has realized her voice and is talking all the time now!  She pretty much copies everything she hears and it's hilarious when some of those things come out of her mouth. 
Some of her latest phrases:
"Cole doing"-or Mama or Dada doing. She says this constantly when she's looking for someone or just wants to know what you are doing. She uses it with Cole when she is annoyed with what he is doing!

We couldn't believe she came up with "beautiful" all by herself to describe the glowing turtle's stars on the ceiling!

She also says all the silly things that Cole and Tony say..."Uh Goofy", "Bagottie", "Brutal", etc. These are all random inside jokes they have. She just joins right in. 

She loves saying colors. Her favorite is purple, but she also likes green (geen) and pink. 

She says dink for drink. :) There's so much more and her vocabulary just gets better everyday. She regularly puts two and three words together too. 

She is still obsessed with her lovey. We have six of them and one is with us at all times!  Hanging from her mouth!
She can be a little feisty when things aren't going her way. She seems to get annoyed with Cole more than he does with her!  But in the end, they love each other and play well together.  I love catching them being sweet with one another. 

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Janet said...

No!! I love reading your updates :)

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