Friday, July 10, 2015

Fourth of July Fun

We realized that we haven't been home for the Fourth of July in a few years and couldn't think of anything exciting that we had done in the past when we were here!  This year was different!  We started the day off with lunch at the new Slim Chicken's that just opened!  We love going there whenever we are in Fayetteville and were anxiously waiting for it to open here. 
We had to send a pic to my Dad and Stacy to make them jealous. :)

After naps, we went to Tulsa Country Club with Tony's parents to check out their festivities. We got there earlier than most people seemed to because we knew Cate wouldn't make it to their fireworks show. We did get to enjoy the pool, complete with a super fun water slide!
Cole also tried out the rock climbing wall and the bounce houses. 
He was super determined to make it up the wall as high as he could and started over quite a few times until he got it. 
We also ate dinner there. They had lots of cookout food and fun music. Cate made it a long time and was having a great time for it being past her bedtime. 
We got home around 9:00 when it started getting dark. Cole suddenly had a big interest in fireworks!  Luckily we were able to see at least four or five different houses that were shooting off fireworks just from our driveway. Cole and Cate loved watching them. Cate kept saying "pop!" and wasn't scared of them at all. We let them stay up a little bit, but they had no problem falling asleep to the noise of fireworks that night!

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