Friday, July 3, 2015

Arkansas Visit

The Monday after we got back from Toledo, we drove over to Arkansas to see Stacy...who we had just left the day before!  She was there for the week and weekend for the golf tournament there. 

We met her at the course and let Cole hit some balls and have some fun before we went to lunch. Her caddie, Travis, and coach, Joe, were there too. 
Cate really just wanted to hang out with Tay Tay. 
Then we went to Slim's for lunch with all of them and went to Target to help Stacy get some baby gifts for a friend. We left her around 4:00 so she could do some work and we could get back for dinner and my Pilates class. The kids were so worn out!  I had an hour and a half of complete silence and had to wake them up when we got home!  It was worth the drive, as always, to get some extra time with Aunt Stace!

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