Saturday, July 4, 2015

5k at the LPGA

We went back to Arkansas last weekend to watch Stacy play in the NW Arkansas tournament. We found out that they were going to have a 5k run this year and decided we should sign up and run. We also signed Cole up for the 1k fun run. 

Cole with his race packet. 
Let's talk about Cole Man first. Since Tony and I were both doing the 5k, we guilted Gerrod into running with Cole. They were quite the team. Cole even got to wear his new bright Nike's!
We got a few professional photos of him! He is quite the serious runner!
He had to wear all the gear from his race bag hence the cut off adult shirt, adult sized socks, and black eye sticker!  It was not optional in his mind!
He ended up placing 5th overall and was the first boy to finish!  His time was 7:27 for 1k. He did great!  We were especially excited to show him that he was 1st!
Tony and I both had our best 5k times here. It helped that the weather was cooler and cloudy from some rain the day before. 
Cole ran through the finish with Tony!  Tony ran 19:00.05 and placed 9th overall and 2nd in his age group. I ran 20:42 and placed 20th overall and won my age group. I also was the 3rd female and won a $25 gift card to Wal Mart. 

We were also super excited for my Mom because it was her first 5k where she was able to run the entire way!  Cole ran through the finish with her too, but he kind of took a head start and didn't wait for her. He just wanted to get another medal...but I don't think he did! :)

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