Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Toledo Trip

We had a crazy week last week when we found out our Wednesday flight to Toledo was cancelled. We scrambled to pack and get everything ready in three hours to leave Tuesday night instead. 
It was a late night with a stop in St. Louis that was a little delayed. We didn't get to our hotel in Toledo until almost 1 am. Crazy to do with the little ones, but we made it work and they were pretty good. 

We had Wednesday to hang out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins before the rest of my family got there.
We went to Mr. Freeze for ice cream after dinner!
On Thursday, we visited the Toledo Zoo in the morning. They have a nice, new aquarium that we wanted to check out. 
Cole loved petting the stingrays!
Cate loved the penguins!  You could get really close to them in their exhibit. She just went crazy and got so excited!
Cole with the bride to be!
We saw all the big animals. They even have three polar bears (Tony's fav) and it was their feeding time. They were diving in the water and moving all around their habitat. It was cool to watch them!  Then we went to ride the carousel. Always a kid favorite too!
Later on Thursday, my family got there and we were able to hang out with them for a little bit before going to my Aunt's house for dinner. The kids were being pretty silly!
On Friday, Tony played golf with the wedding party guys. So the kids and I hung out with Janet and David and went to play at a park. We also had lunch with everyone after golf and went to Mr. Freeze again. Cole would not stop talking about getting a Spider-Man Popsicle!
He lost his love for it when it started to melt all down his hand though!
Friday night was the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. We went to both since the kids were in the wedding. We got some great family pictures that night!
The kids
The cousins
Then cousins and spouses and kids (for us)
Cole and Cate got sweet gifts from Sara and Aaron for being a part of their wedding.  Quilts, sunglasses, books, and ninja turtles!
We left excited for the wedding the next day!

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