Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Fun

We've been getting out and about to do some fun things this summer. 

We went to the zoo one day that it was actually not raining. It was the opposite and really hot!  So we didn't end up staying very long, but managed to ride the carousel!
We went through the buildings to stay out of the heat. So Cole had to take his picture on top of the Wildlife Trek letters. 
We also took our first trip to the splash pad. Cole loves it!  Cate, on the other hand, did not want to get in the cold water. 
Cole especially likes the water guns. He kind of had a hard time when the big kids weren't giving him a turn as it got more crowded, but he waited it out and had some fun. 
Cate did a lot of watching and let me fill up a few cups of water for her. 
We had a disappointing day last week when we found out Cate had a virus and had to cancel our story time and lunch plans. So to make it up to Cole, we spent a lot of time making super hero costumes. 

Captain America
Iron Man
Cole got to go swimming at Uma and Opa's house last weekend. They had a ton of fun toys for him too!
The Children's Museum is always fun for both kiddos. They have a new set up that Cole loved checking out. 
Building a Lego guy
Human Foosball
Cate's favorite - the Lego cat
Climbing up to the tape slide with the girl
Cole asks every morning "What are we going to do today??" so I know we will have many more summer adventures!

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