Wednesday, June 17, 2015


On Friday last week, the kids and I went to our favorite Thunderbird Farm to pick some blueberries. This is our fourth year to go!  It's been cool to see it grow and become more popular and a bigger operation over the last few years. It means we can keep going back!
The weather turned out to be great. Just cloudy enough for it not to be too hot and it didn't rain. Cole and Cate were super cute picking berries together!

This was the first year that Cole really helped with the picking. He filled up his bucket nicely and never ran off or got tired of it.  He did a great job finding good bushes and only picked the ripe berries. 
Cate did a great job eating the berries!  She was taking handfuls out of the buckets or pulling one at a time off the bushes. 
Of course she loved carrying around her own bucket too!  She didn't have anything left to contribute to our final purchase though...every berry was eaten!

We had the best time this year!  We enjoyed the fresh air. No one ran away or had to be chased down. We didn't have any diaper mishaps. And we ended up with a lot of blueberries to take home. 

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