Tuesday, May 5, 2015

San Francisco - Part 3

We had a busy last day in San Francisco!  We started with an early 10 mile run to and across the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel. 
It was cool and foggy and we managed to find our way along the trails by the bay. 
It was kind of scary running across the bridge with the water off one side and the cars flying by on the other. Luckily it was early enough that there weren't many people out walking and the bikers rode on the path on the opposite side. 

The other thing we wanted to do was ride the street car. But we didn't go all the way because we saw the line to get back on when we were in Union Sqaure and it was crazy long. So we rode up the huge hill from our hotel and down a few stops. 

We stayed close enough the we could walk back.  And we realized we had to walk back up the other side of the hill to get back!  So we stopped and got a drink before we started that walk. 
We saw a Cole sign!
And we saw a Cate sign when we were in Napa. 
Since we ran that morning and walked the hills, we decided we didn't want to do any more walking and drove to Petaluma to go to the Lagunitas Brewery. It was such a fun atmosphere. People of all ages just hanging out, listening to music, drinking beer, eating, and just hanging out. People even had their little kids with them. We had these delicious pulled pork nachos and split a sandwich while we had a tasting of some of their different beers. 
After we stuffed ourselves, we drove back to San Francisco and stopped at the overlook for the Golden Gate Bridge and took a few pictures. 
We didn't do much that evening and weren't even that hungry. We just got soup to go from Boudin Sourdough Bakery. We had to get up really early for our flight home on Sunday. But we were excited to see our little ones who had quite a fun weekend themselves!

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