Saturday, May 2, 2015

San Francisco - Part 2

Once we got to San Francisco, we had already gotten to drive the Golden Gate Bridge and drive down Lombard St. with all the curves on our way to the hotel.  We couldn't get over the size of the hill getting up to Lombard street! It seemed like the car could just flip backwards!
We stayed at the Argonaut Hotel at the end of Fishermen's Warf which was really a great location. Thursday night we went on a night tour of Alcatraz and were able to walk to the pier that the boat left from. 
We went on the guided headset tour and luckily we got into the first group. It seemed less crowded that way. 
There were some cool views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz. I guess it was pretty rare to have such a clear evening too. 

They also had an art exhibit at the prison and we were able to go into some areas that are not usually open to the public like the building where the prisoners worked during the days. 
It really didn't get dark until we headed back on the boat after the tours.  It was after 9:00 when we got back. So we just grabbed a quick dinner at Chipotle. 
Friday we planned on doing some shopping in the Union Square area. With the time difference, we still got up kind of early even though it felt like sleeping in. So we drove around and saw the Painted Ladies after we got some breakfast. 
We shopped for a few hours, spent some gift cards we'd been saving and then some, got Cole and Cate a little something, and had lunch at Super Duper Burger. 

We went back to our hotel for a little bit and walked around Ghiradelli Square and got an ice cream sundae and went to a few other little shops. 

That night we drove to another area of the city to go to a bar that had a particular beer that Tony wanted to try that's really hard to find. The bar was called Toronado and was a hole in the wall place that I'm pretty sure doesn't get many tourists!  Then we walked a few blocks to a pizza place called, Ragazza. Both places were super fun and just a more of a neighborhood feel. 

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