Friday, May 1, 2015

Napa & San Francisco Trip - Part 1

Tony and I took a long weekend trip by ourselves to Napa and San Francisco. My parents came to our house and watched the kids while we were gone. We left early on Wednesday morning and drove to Napa as soon as we got to San Francisco. It only took us a little over an hour and a half to get there. 

We stayed at the Andaz Napa which was very nice and a good location. We stopped and got lunch at the Oxblood Market before we checked in though because we were starving!  That was walking distance to our hotel, although a little longer walk. 

We went to two wineries in Yontville. First was Domaine Chandon where we had some sparkling wines.  It was a pretty and quiet setting. There were only a few other people there. 
Then we went down another part of Yontville to get to Paradoux. It was flatter and more wide open here. We just picked this place and got a reservation. (Ha! Since we were the only ones there!) Apparently this was not the busy time of year!  It was really pretty though. 
We aren't big red wine fans, but we did like a few of them. It was kind of cool that some of the wines came from only one particular row in that vineyard. 
It was a different experience than Domaine Chandon. A little more rustic/modern. 
Then we drove back to find the Bouchon Bakery to get some snacks. We were so glad to be there when it was not busy because we heard the lines here can be crazy. And we walked right in!  We had to get a cinnamon roll and macaroons!  So good!
We had enough to eat and drink for one day!  So after we hung out at the hotel for a little bit (and a nap), we just split a sandwich and fries at a burger place next to Oxblood Market. It was just ok. The food in the market was way better. 

We only stayed one night in Napa. We probably could have done another, but there wasn't much to do except go to the wineries. Which was fun, but not what we wanted to do the whole trip. Before we left, we went for a run and had breakfast at Model Bakery. Then we started our drive back to San Francisco. This time we went through Sonoma and drove around a bit and then to Sausilito and Muir Woods National Park since they were all on the same side of the Golden Gate Bridge before getting into the city. 
Again, super excited we went to Muir Woods on a week day and it wasn't very crowded!  There isn't much parking and the drive is very steep and winding. We had to park along the road because there isn't much parking either. We spent maybe two hours walking along the trails and checking out the huge redwoods. 
It was very quiet and peaceful too. We were able to do a little hillside trail on our way back which took you above the other trail and into the trees a little more. 
Then we were off and headed into the city to spend a few days doing some sightseeing!

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