Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Day of Pre-School

Cole had his last day of school on Monday!  He has grown so much since his first day in September!

He ended school I a great note and was having so much fun. He went one day a week on Mondays from 9:30-2:30. He went through a rough four month patch where he didn't want me to leave him, but some time in February he started to get a lot better. We had no issues with that the last few months. 

He made some friends. His favorite was Logan. They seemed to play a lot together. He was also the fastest runner in his class, which his teachers said he was pretty proud of and loved gym class. 
To celebrate the last day, we went to Cherry Berry for some frozen yogurt...just like we did after the first day!
This time Cate was in on the action too!
"Brother I'm ready for a bite!"
We are so proud of Cole and how well he's done with his first year of school!  He's able to say the pledge of allegiance and learned some fun little songs about months and days of the week, and all that good stuff you learn in pre-school. Now he's ready for summer though!

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