Sunday, May 31, 2015

Woodlands Memorial Day Trip

We drove to visit my parents for the long holiday weekend again this year. My cousin, Bryan, also came to hang out and play golf with my Dad and Tony. 

We had some interesting times with runny noses, throwing up, and coughs for Cole and Cate!  They each threw up once while we were there and it seemed random because they weren't acting like they felt bad.  Not sure what that was all about. 

We still were able to do a few fun things. My Mom and I took the kids to the Children's Museum one day while the guys played golf. 
It's funny that each time we go, they gravitate towards something different. Cole really wanted to dress up in the dog costume and got into character!
Cate loved playing with the grocery store food and shopping baskets this time. 
We saw some of my friends and their kids, but we didn't get any pics this time. The kids were too busy playing!  We also went out to dinner a few times. 

The rest of the time, we really hung out at my parents and played in the pool. 
Cole worked hard on jumping in and loved it!  He was doing cannonballs...or he was trying. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Day of Pre-School

Cole had his last day of school on Monday!  He has grown so much since his first day in September!

He ended school I a great note and was having so much fun. He went one day a week on Mondays from 9:30-2:30. He went through a rough four month patch where he didn't want me to leave him, but some time in February he started to get a lot better. We had no issues with that the last few months. 

He made some friends. His favorite was Logan. They seemed to play a lot together. He was also the fastest runner in his class, which his teachers said he was pretty proud of and loved gym class. 
To celebrate the last day, we went to Cherry Berry for some frozen yogurt...just like we did after the first day!
This time Cate was in on the action too!
"Brother I'm ready for a bite!"
We are so proud of Cole and how well he's done with his first year of school!  He's able to say the pledge of allegiance and learned some fun little songs about months and days of the week, and all that good stuff you learn in pre-school. Now he's ready for summer though!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May at the Zoo

My sweet little ones and I took our first spring visit to the zoo. We haven't had very many non-rainy days lately, but we found one to get outside and enjoy it. 
The dinosaur exhibit was back, so we had to check it out for the Cole Man. 
We spent most of our time there and walked through three times!
We also went to the goat petting zoo. Cole loved using the brushes. Cate just kept pointing and making her noises. She pet one for just a second, but she still thought it was fun. 
We are ready for this rain to clear up so we have more chances to go back before it heats up for summer!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dallas Weekend

We went to Dallas for our first golf tournament this year. We are going to a few others this summer too. We left on Thursday after soccer and got to Dallas to have dinner with everyone. We went to Hard 8 BBQ. They had huge pits where they were cooking the meats. 
The food was really good. I think the kids are mostly pieces of white bread though. They will learn!
We stayed at the same Staybridge Suites as last year. It's a great location for the golf course and restaurants. Cate hasn't slept in a hotel crib in awhile, but she did great. No issues at all. She even liked to get in and just play in her little bed. Hopefully this is a good sign for other travel we have planned. 
The rest of the time we just went to the golf each day. Usually for 9 holes was the best we could do, so the kids could rest. Tony took Cole for the entire round the first day, and it was a little much for him.  He was looking pretty tired!
The promise of putting with Stace afterwards kept them going though!
The kids sported their cool tshirts for Stace on Friday. 
We ended up buying a double jogging stroller. They weren't often in there together at the same time, but it was nice to have a place for both of them to sit when they got tired. Cole was in and out pretty often. 
He was always busy talking to people...or wanting to climb trees!
They were also all about the snacks!  We went trough a ton of them!
As always, the kids had fun with Nina and Pop Pop too!
We stayed to watch Stacy finish on Sunday and then had to say goodbye to drive back home. 
Poor Cole Man was sad to leave everyone when we got in the car. He wanted to stay in Dallas.  Good thing we are going to see them all again soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

San Francisco - Part 3

We had a busy last day in San Francisco!  We started with an early 10 mile run to and across the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel. 
It was cool and foggy and we managed to find our way along the trails by the bay. 
It was kind of scary running across the bridge with the water off one side and the cars flying by on the other. Luckily it was early enough that there weren't many people out walking and the bikers rode on the path on the opposite side. 

The other thing we wanted to do was ride the street car. But we didn't go all the way because we saw the line to get back on when we were in Union Sqaure and it was crazy long. So we rode up the huge hill from our hotel and down a few stops. 

We stayed close enough the we could walk back.  And we realized we had to walk back up the other side of the hill to get back!  So we stopped and got a drink before we started that walk. 
We saw a Cole sign!
And we saw a Cate sign when we were in Napa. 
Since we ran that morning and walked the hills, we decided we didn't want to do any more walking and drove to Petaluma to go to the Lagunitas Brewery. It was such a fun atmosphere. People of all ages just hanging out, listening to music, drinking beer, eating, and just hanging out. People even had their little kids with them. We had these delicious pulled pork nachos and split a sandwich while we had a tasting of some of their different beers. 
After we stuffed ourselves, we drove back to San Francisco and stopped at the overlook for the Golden Gate Bridge and took a few pictures. 
We didn't do much that evening and weren't even that hungry. We just got soup to go from Boudin Sourdough Bakery. We had to get up really early for our flight home on Sunday. But we were excited to see our little ones who had quite a fun weekend themselves!

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