Sunday, April 5, 2015

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Last weekend, the neighborhood park dried out just enough to still have the egg hunt!  

We had little miss in the 0-3 age group this year!
And Cole moved up to the 4-7 age group. 

We took a few cute pics before they got started. 
It was a beautiful day!  

The little ones started first!
Cate got about four eggs that were in her area. She was one of the smallest and not the quickest. It didn't take her long to figure out what to do though. She loved taking the eggs out and putting them back in her basket the rest of the day. She even snuck a little of her candy on our way home. 

Tony went with Cole for his group and Cole definitely knew what he was doing this year. He just ran and got as many eggs as he could. 
Last year he would stop and open each egg. So we made sure he waited this time since he would be with the bigger kids. 
He got quite a few eggs and pretty much ate all his candy on the way home!  We like to walk and it's about a mile. He had plenty of time to eat his candy and we kind of lost count because we were chatting and walking. Cole didn't mind!  Plus he shared some with us too!

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