Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a fun, low key Easter weekend as a family. We went to our church on Saturday afternoon, like we've done the past few years. We had to wake the kids up this time to make sure we were able to get ready and be there on time. That made our picture taking session a little interesting, but we did get a few cute pictures of Cole and Cate.
And a full view of Cate's cute dress. :)
They were less than excited to take pictures with Tony and I though!
After church, we went out to dinner at Charleston's. We actually had a couple from our community group come with us too. They don't have any kids yet, so Cole and Cate were quite the entertainment for them. We also had them over for dessert and to watch some basketball and hang out.

On Sunday morning, the kids got to find their Easter baskets. They got swimsuits, a little toy, and Peeps. Cole was actually really disappointed with his Easter basket. He kept asking when he was going to get his "real basket" aka a plastic wrapped bag of junk toys and candy from the store. Ugh...we had a talk about that one. He did get over it after awhile though.
After naps we did a little Easter egg hunt outside. The weather wasn't great and the grass was wet, so we had to stick to parts of the yard that we could get to from the sidewalks. They still had a lot of fun doing it though and enjoyed the little extra candy in the eggs. Cole was even sweet with helping Cate and not taking all the eggs before she got to them.

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