Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cole - 4 Years

Cole had his four year check up last week, so I've waited to give a little update on him. He has grown so much since last year, over 3 inches and 5 pounds. He's now 42 2/3 inches tall (92%) and 42 pounds 6 ounces (90%) in weight. He also had to get three booster shots, but did so good! He didn't even cry or say anything at all when he got them. I was really surprised because he'd been crying and worried about getting them all week. So hopefully he remembers that they weren't that bad for the next time!
He was stylin' in his tiger gown at his appointment!
Cole's favorite things...there are so many and they change very often! But he is into Legos (the Duplo and the smaller ones now), superheros of all kinds (favorites are Batman and Spiderman), cars and airplanes still, riding his bike, and playing games. He has tons of toys now and asks for new ones all the time! He has gotten much better at entertaining himself and will go off and play by himself a lot more often. He likes having Cate to play with too, although he can be a little rough with her or will get mad if she starts taking apart something that he's been working on. He loves making her laugh and chasing her around the house though. He also enjoys making her lovey blanket "report for duty". They are quite the pair, and he's a really good big brother. He has also been going to soccer once a week since September and loves it. He has improved a lot and has better control over the ball. He loves the running parts!
Cole has been going to school on Mondays since September. He went through a really hard time for about four months where he cried and didn't want me to leave him. It was hard for both of us, but we stuck with it and he's been so much better since the beginning of the year. He wouldn't just get upset about being left at school, but anytime I would leave for church, Pilates, to get run, etc. We never figured out why he started doing that or why he stopped. Just one of those things. He does a great job at school though and his teachers tell me that he's so smart. I'm sure he talks everyone's ear off! :)
Cole is still taking an afternoon nap from 1-3ish in the afternoon, and he goes to bed around 8 PM and will get up around 7 AM. We went through a period of time where he had a hard time going to sleep and would get up a bunch of times and also a time when he was getting up early in the morning, 6:30 or earlier. But he's seemed to even out now and is getting better at staying in bed.

Some of his favorite foods are mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, strawberries, Cheerios, applesauces, all kinds of snacks, and desserts of course. He will eat vegetables. His favorites are corn, peas, and broccoli. He doesn't get very excited about trying new things, but hopefully that will change as he gets a little older.
Four has brought us into a whole new stage with him. The past year had so many different phases that he would go through, but he's starting to change into a more independent little guy. He is very opinionated, which can get interesting, and knows what he wants. He has no problem telling us how it is! But it's also so fun to hear what he has to say. He can tell us about his day at school, or make up funny stories and words. He remembers everything! It's pretty amazing. Recently he's gotten so much better with his sense of time, days of the week, and months. He is also starting to do a lot of things for himself, but we are working on getting him to do more! Sometimes he thinks it's just easier to have Mom and Dad do things for him. :) We feel like we are in the real parenting stage, not just taking care of his basic needs, but really teaching him and helping him grown in other ways.

For the times that he's stubborn and easily upset when he doesn't get his way, he's equally sweet and helpful. He gives the best hugs and kisses and will say "you're the best mom (or dad)" when he's happy about something. He helps with the trash, putting away his clothes, picking up, clearing the table, etc. He's become a better listener and will actually do what we ask (most of the time). We really have so much fun with him and are so lucky to be his Mom & Dad! Happy 4 Cole Man!!

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