Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cate - 15 Months

Our sweet little miss turned 15 months a week and a half ago now...I'm just running a little behind here. We took her for a check up and she weighed 24 pounds 6 ounces (73%) and is 32.25 inches long (94%). She is healthy and growing!  
She spends a lot of time like this with her lovey in her mouth checking out the world. Much of her eating and sleeping habits are the same from one year, but she has grown into the next size of clothes (18-24 month). 

So let's talk about her little personality and things she loves! 
- Cate loves books!  She loves being read to or taking them off the shelves or baskets and flipping through the pages. Then she leaves them scattered all over the place!  We pick up books MANY times a day.  Whenever it gets quiet, we find her surrounded by a pile of books. 
- She loves reorganizing cabinets and toys too. 
- She says a few words: mama, dada, Cole, car, up, bye bye, duck, ball, no no, and a lot of first letter sounds for words too. 
- The cutest thing is that she nods her head for yes or no when you ask her questions. You can have a full conversation!
- Cate loves to dance!  Any time we turn on music or a toy plays music she is shaking her hips back and forth!  Sometimes we even get hands in the air!
- She is her brothers biggest fan. They love playing together and can be so cute and funny when Cole is talking to her and she's just nodding her head at him.  They are two peas!
- Cate is a little lover. She enjoys sitting on laps or being held and can chill a little more than Cole ever wanted to. She gives kisses now!  Or sometimes licks!
- She is a little bit of a picky eater, but we hope it gets better as she gets older. 
She is just growing up before our eyes and will seem even bigger once she starts talking more!  Our Cate Girl is just so sweet and loving...I hope she never grows out of that!

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