Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tulsa Children's Museum x 2

I took Cole and Cate to the Children's Museum last Friday. Just to get out and do something fun. 
Cate has changed a lot since we visited last time. There were so many more things she wanted to do. 
Cole had a blast climbing and sliding over and over. 
Plus being a little silly. 
The museum was kind of crowded and warm once we started playing. So we took a break outside, played on the playground, and had a snack. 

Then, we went again yesterday with Nina. They had a singing and dancing time that I wanted to check out, and my mom had never been before. Cate was especially in to the music!  She loved shaking the maracas and shaking her little booty. 
Cole loved trying out the different instruments too.  The dinosaurs are pretty cool for him.  Especially since they roar at you!
Everyone took a bunch of turns on the slide again!
Two little cuties!
The weather was so pretty!  We had to play on the playground again.  Cate loved going across the bridge this time. 
After our fun time playing, we grabbed some lunch at Chick-fil-a. Both kids ate their entire kids meals!  That was a first for Cate. The girl can eat!

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