Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow Tubing

Wow!  We have had some winter weather lately. We've had three different snows with at least 2 inches over just the past couple of weeks. It melts and then we get another one it seems. 

We had a snow day on Saturday and our friends from our church group asked if we wanted to come snow tubing with them. We've never gone before, but figured Cole was old enough to enjoy it. The weather was perfect because it wasn't windy or bitterly cold. It was just in the upper 20s with pretty snow. 

Cole started out tubing with his buddy Harper. 
They went down a ton of times together. It was funny because they would get to the bottom and just leave their tube and start walking back up!  The parents took turns going back and forth for them. 

Then he moved on to the sled which was faster and crazier. He only fell off one time and went really far down the hill. 
Cate even got in on the tubing. She loved it and rode with Tony or me quite a few times. 
She would squeal when we got to the end and would nod her head yes when we asked if she wanted to go again. 
We stayed out for over and hour and had the best time!  It was something I hope we get to do again next year!  But you never know what you'll get in Oklahoma. But we are supposed to get another inch or two of snow today after it all just melted from the weekend. Maybe it'll be spring after this week?

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