Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mom Time

I had almost four days with the kiddos by myself while Tony traveled for work. My days seem all off this week because he was gone over the weekend too. I tried to have a few things planned to make the time pass more quickly and to have some fun outside of the house. 

On Sunday we grocery shopped, and I still went to our church group while Tony's mom came over to watch the kids. I came home with a birthday present for Cole from Chad and Emily. He was super excited to play for awhile!

Monday, Cole had school while Cate and I ran an errand, went for a run, and played at home. We had a birthday gift to exchange after school...more entertainment for Cole!
And we went to the new Chick fil a for dinner. 
We made it out with a minor meltdown from Cate (of all people!) because she wanted to keep playing in the playroom. 

On Tuesday we enjoyed some nice weather outside and played at the park and took the double jogging stroller out for the first time.  It was so hard running with both of them!  Not something I'm excited to do again, but at least I have the option to go when Tony isn't home. 
We survived and actually had a good time while Daddy was gone. Not that he needs to go again any time soon, but it wasn't so bad. :)

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