Monday, March 16, 2015

Cole's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Cole turning 4 on Saturday, only a few days early, with a Batman/Soccer party at SoccerCity.
He has been going to Little Kickers at SoccerCity since September, and really enjoys it. He asked if he could have his party there this year many months before his birthday was upon us! I think his birthday was all planned before Cate even had her birthday. :) This was also our first party to have away from our house.

The party started with an hour on the field where we played a lot of different games with the kids and some of the grown ups. We played "foxes and farmers" tag with the jerseys for "tails" and "spaceships and aliens" with the hula hoops as "spaceships".

All the kids did great listening to the coaches, but were ready to play!

The kids also took rides on the parachute. The parents got a work out, that's for sure!

There was also plenty of time to run around, kick balls, and score goals!

Even Cate got in on the action! She had a ton of fun playing with the balls, riding the parachute, and hanging out with some other little friends!

Once everyone was worn out on games and running around, we headed to the party room for a snack and some cake. Cole had been checking out birthday cakes at the grocery store for months and knew exactly what he wanted.

The Batman Motorcycle cake!

We had a few Bat-Girls and Batmen at the party!

We were excited to have Nina and Pop Pop in town and Uma and Tony's brother, sister, and brother in law at the party too!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to the Cole Man and watched him blow out his candles!

He was also very excited to open his birthday presents!

We loved celebrating our little man! He really enjoyed his party and had a lot of fun with all of his friends and family.

If the day couldn't get any better, he got a new Little Kickers jersey from SoccerCity for his birthday. It even has the number 4 on it!

And you have to include a ninja pose!

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