Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Day!

We had a kind of surprise snow day yesterday. It snowed about 2 inches overnight Sunday into Monday after we thought we were going to miss the winter weather. 

It took Tony over an hour to drive to work, and the kids and I didn't go anywhere yesterday. I did get them bundled up to go out and play in the snow for a little bit. 

Cole loves making footprints everywhere. 

Cate did not like getting put into so many layers, but she was ok once we got outside. She sat most of the time and touched the snow a little bit. 

She liked walking around too, but I had to help her because I just put plastic bags over her shoes. They were pretty slippery on the bottom. 

I was excited that for once both kids had decent snow outfits!  I finally got Cole some snow bibs and rain boots that can double as snow boots. He finally is able to stay dry. I'm also not worried about him getting too cold. Cate fit into a snow suit from my SIL that she was super warm in too!  I decided the only thing missing is better gloves. All of our hands got cold after about 15 minutes and we headed back inside. Cole helped Daddy shovel the driveway later in the day. So he got some extra snow time before it all starts to melt away today. 

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