Monday, February 9, 2015

Last Few Weeks

We are counting down the days of cold weather months around here. January and February tend to be the coldest, but we actually had some really pleasant days and have been able to get out a enjoy it. 

The kiddos have been battle a cold for a week or so. I did take them to the doctor because they both ended up getting eye infections with it too. The drops clear it up so quickly though!  And now the kids are really feeling much better and back to normal. 

Here they are checking out the cars driving by at the doctors office. 

We also had some fun at the park. Cate is getting so adventurous with her walking and was trying to climb up the slide!  Just like brother!
We have been trying to get back to the library more often now that Cate is a little bigger and they both really enjoy books and being read to. Cole wanted his picture taken with the statue out front!

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