Monday, February 9, 2015

Kids Bathroom Update

We have been wanting to do a little bathroom updating for awhile and had granite counter tops put in last summer. Next up was to replace the fiberglass insert tub with a new, deeper tub and some tile. 

Here is the before:
The first thing they did was demo an it looked like this:
See all this water hoses?  Those are all the water lines for our entire house behind the tub!  What??!!  Well, that's not supposed to be there and the demo guy cut a few of the lines. So, we had to wait half the day to get the plumbers out to fix it and then spend 5 hours the next day moving the lines into the wall so the new tub would fit. 

So after two days, we were looking at this:

Next step was tile and grout which took a day and a half because they had to prep all the walls and do the deco tile work and insert for storage. 
The only finishing touch left is to have the plumbers back to put the new fixtures on!  Which hopefully will happen today. Then they will start working on our master bathroom. We hope the kids enjoy the new tub and our guests appreciate the new shower height and fact that water won't spray all over the top wall anymore!

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