Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Day!

We had a kind of surprise snow day yesterday. It snowed about 2 inches overnight Sunday into Monday after we thought we were going to miss the winter weather. 

It took Tony over an hour to drive to work, and the kids and I didn't go anywhere yesterday. I did get them bundled up to go out and play in the snow for a little bit. 

Cole loves making footprints everywhere. 

Cate did not like getting put into so many layers, but she was ok once we got outside. She sat most of the time and touched the snow a little bit. 

She liked walking around too, but I had to help her because I just put plastic bags over her shoes. They were pretty slippery on the bottom. 

I was excited that for once both kids had decent snow outfits!  I finally got Cole some snow bibs and rain boots that can double as snow boots. He finally is able to stay dry. I'm also not worried about him getting too cold. Cate fit into a snow suit from my SIL that she was super warm in too!  I decided the only thing missing is better gloves. All of our hands got cold after about 15 minutes and we headed back inside. Cole helped Daddy shovel the driveway later in the day. So he got some extra snow time before it all starts to melt away today. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Camping Party

Cole and I went to his friend's camping birthday party. I had to post some pictures because Cole was so cute and excited about everything!

His first s'more!  He enjoyed hanging out by the fire too. 

He also loved going on a hike to a cave!

They also had a fishing game and piƱata that he thought was super fun too. 

It was also really fun to have some time just with Cole. We don't do that very often anymore, and I think we both loved that!

Valentine's Day

We had a fun little Valentine's Day this year as a family of four. Cate was teeny tiny last year, so it was fun for her to be a little more involved this year. 

We got the kids a little bag with treats and a favorite book. Cole got Those Darn Squirrels, and Cate got Pete the Cat stories. We also took them out for lunch to Cole's pick, Firehouse Subs. The weather was so nice we even sat outside!

After naps, we went out to the zoo for about an hour before it closed. 

Then we picked up some Chuy's for Tony and I to have after the kids went to bed. We realized how glad we were to just be picking up food and taking it home because the restaurants were packed and so much traffic!

The day before we also were able to have a little Valentine's party for the moms and kids in our church community group at our house. The kids played, made a treat bag, and exchanged Valentine's. The moms had fun visiting before we all had lunch.  Cate loved carrying her bag around, and Cole wasted no time getting into all the treats. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kids Bathroom Update

We have been wanting to do a little bathroom updating for awhile and had granite counter tops put in last summer. Next up was to replace the fiberglass insert tub with a new, deeper tub and some tile. 

Here is the before:
The first thing they did was demo an it looked like this:
See all this water hoses?  Those are all the water lines for our entire house behind the tub!  What??!!  Well, that's not supposed to be there and the demo guy cut a few of the lines. So, we had to wait half the day to get the plumbers out to fix it and then spend 5 hours the next day moving the lines into the wall so the new tub would fit. 

So after two days, we were looking at this:

Next step was tile and grout which took a day and a half because they had to prep all the walls and do the deco tile work and insert for storage. 
The only finishing touch left is to have the plumbers back to put the new fixtures on!  Which hopefully will happen today. Then they will start working on our master bathroom. We hope the kids enjoy the new tub and our guests appreciate the new shower height and fact that water won't spray all over the top wall anymore!

Last Few Weeks

We are counting down the days of cold weather months around here. January and February tend to be the coldest, but we actually had some really pleasant days and have been able to get out a enjoy it. 

The kiddos have been battle a cold for a week or so. I did take them to the doctor because they both ended up getting eye infections with it too. The drops clear it up so quickly though!  And now the kids are really feeling much better and back to normal. 

Here they are checking out the cars driving by at the doctors office. 

We also had some fun at the park. Cate is getting so adventurous with her walking and was trying to climb up the slide!  Just like brother!
We have been trying to get back to the library more often now that Cate is a little bigger and they both really enjoy books and being read to. Cole wanted his picture taken with the statue out front!

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