Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Best of the Rest

This is my last post about our trip to Texas! We did a few fun little outings while we were there, but first, we took a few pictures on our drive down when we were fresh and excited! The drive home is never quite as much fun!

We brought Elf Sally with us so she could keep an eye on Cole and Cate until Santa came.
We planned to stop in Canton, which is about half way, for lunch at a Subway. Well, now we know why we've never stopped there's a gas station Subway. Ugh! So we had to find somewhere for lunch and fast because we were getting a cranky baby. So we drove back to the little downtown square and ate at a place called Tumbleweed's Café. It was tiny, but a cute little place. The food was also pretty good.
The two best friends were holding hands! Too cute!
I had to get a picture of Nina and Pop Pop entertaining the little ones.
Janet, David, and I took Cole and Cate down to the neighborhood park one day. They both love the swings, and Cole even climbed to the top of the rock wall.
We did a little shopping at Market Street after naps one day. I could not get either one of them to look at me for a picture! All Cole wanted to do was run circles around the tree.

Cole and Cate also loved walking along the flower beds in the center of Market Street.
The cute Charbonnets!
Nina and Pop Pop pic!
Tuesday morning, we went to visit my friend Alyssa and her family in Katy. They just had a new little baby two weeks before we were there. They also have a three year old, Grant, who Cole loves to play with! They kept each other busy the entire time we were there...playing kitchen, with cars, music toys, etc.
Alyssa and I with our 2nd babies! We have a picture just like this with Cole and Grant. They are pretty much the same difference in age too.
We just went ahead and made Tuesday a busy day, and went to The Woodlands Children's Museum! It was the only other day that week that it would be open, and Cole really wanted to go back. We visited last summer, and he had a blast! It was interesting to see how he was interested in different things this time around. Cate was just a few months old, so she had a great time discovering all the areas with toys for her.

They both loved the train track.
Cole could have cared less about the rice tables last time, but he loved it this time. Cate loved it even more! She was squealing and bouncing and pushing the rice all over the place!

They have an area just for little ones where Cate could pull up on the ballet bar and climb around on the mini steps and slide.
She thought the light board with the colored pegs was the coolest thing too. She pulled the pegs out and handed them to me or tried to put them back into their spots.
The king and queen!
Cole really wanted to dress up like a bumble bee and do a little performance. Then he took a bow!
Cole and Nina in the Christmas photo booth!
We also went out to dinner a few times while we were there, but ended up eating in a lot too which was nice with the little ones. We really just wanted to spend time with my family and were happy that we didn't feel like we were rushing from one place to the next trying to do or see everything.

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