Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started bright and early for us! Cole crawled in our bed before 7 AM, but we managed to get him to go back to sleep for a little bit and didn't even mention that it was Christmas! We sent him to wake everyone up close to 7:30 though. He was so excited to open presents, and he had a ton! While everyone was waking up, we let Cole and Cate open their stockings and tried to get a few pictures of them together in their new PJs.

Aunt Janet gives Christmas a thumbs up with Cole and Cate.
With so many of us, Cole and Cate got a TON of gifts! Plus they had some things from Santa too. He had no problem with that though and even opened some of Cate's gifts too. The anticipation of what's inside just gets him so excited!
Cate got tired of the gift opening and just wanted to eat some Cheerios.
Aunt Stace got Cole a drum set for Christmas! She asked him a few weeks before what he wanted, and he said a drum set...and she delivered! It was a big hit!

Stacy is always good at helping him open and figure out his new toys. They spent most of the day going from toy to toy with everything spread out all over the family room.
Cate got a lot of clothes, because we have so many toys already. She's grown out of her 6-12 month winter clothes too. She did get a few toys, one of which is this musical walking toy. She loves it and cruises all around the house dancing to the music.
Cole also got a soccer goal from my parents! He has loved his weekly soccer class and got to show off some of his moves to everyone! We can't wait for the weather to warm up here so he can play in our backyard too.

Tony and I went on a long run together (11 miles!) on Christmas Day, but otherwise, we just hung out with my family and watched the kids play with all of their new toys. Having Cole and Cate really brings a whole new meaning to Christmas, and its fun to experience it through their eyes and to see how excited they get about all of it. We are thankful to have all of my family in one place to make the memories together too.

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