Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Well, since we are already into 2015 I need to wrap up our 2014 happenings...mostly Christmas and our trip to The Woodlands. It's easy to skip blogging when we are traveling and Tony is home from work. I seem to have less time to sit down and post, but now we are back to our normal schedules.

We left for Texas on the Saturday before Christmas early in the morning and stayed for a week. The whole family was in town for that time, and we had a lot of fun together. We don't get much time with everyone all together anymore. One night we all stayed in and frosted Christmas cookies.

Cole and David had to show off their muscles before we got started!
Cate didn't do any frosting, but got to eat a little gingerbread cookie and take it all in.
Cole was inspecting Pop Pop's work. Making sure he was putting enough sprinkles on!
Here's the whole crew getting to work!
Cole frosted two cookies, and I'm pretty sure he ate both of them! He loved the frosting packets my Mom got this time and the more sprinkles the better!
And then the sweet little Cole Man with the finished cookies! It didn't take us very long to decorate them all with so many people working on them! I'm sure Cate will be more in to it next year too!

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