Monday, January 19, 2015

Cate's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Cate's birthday, just one day early on the 17th with a little party with family and friends at our house.

We had some snack foods and cake.
I hung up all of her monthly pictures for everyone to see.

Cate enjoyed some snacks while everyone was eating. She is loving blueberries these days!
The older kids ate and played for awhile, and then we opened Cate's presents. Cole pretty much opened them all of her, but all the other kids really wanted to help too. :)
All Cate wanted was the bows off of the presents.
Uma and Opa got her this pink and purple shopping cart car that she loved pushing around. She also likes to pick things up and sets them up to "ride" on the seat.
Then it was cake time! We sang 'Happy Birthday' to her...
And then we all helped her blow out her candle.
Cole had been talking about her smash cake for awhile and couldn't wait to see what she was going to do. He was worried that she was going to smash the cake on him!
She had no problems eating her cake! She loved it and went for it right away. I think she mostly had the frosting, but the mess is part of the fun!

Cole posed with her big birthday cake that we shared with all of our guests. Everyone had cake, and Cate was still going on her smash cake! We had to just take it away from her after awhile!

The Birthday Girl with the Grandparents!

We had such a great time celebrating our sweet little girl, and we're so thankful that our family and friends could make it too!

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