Friday, December 19, 2014

Cate - 11 Months

We celebrated Cate's 11 Month birthday yesterday! Actually Tony and I went out for a work dinner party, but Uma treated Cate to a little gingerbread cookie for her birthday. We can't believe we are one month away from her 1st birthday!
Cole had to take a picture with his little sis. He loves giving her hugs and kisses, although sometimes a little rough with his affections, but he's learning.
Our little miss is all smiles these days! She's started to get more involved in playing and just laughing all the time. It's very entertaining for us. Cole loves it too, except when she's going after his toys! Cate also said her first word, other than ma ma and da da sounds. She says "uh oh", and it is so cute in her little baby voice! She will repeat it after one of us says it too, so I think that definitely counts as a word.
Cate is wearing 6-12 month or 12-18 month clothes. She's going to be getting some bigger sizes for Christmas which is what she needs the most. She's also wearing size 4 diapers still. Her schedule has been pretty much the same as previous months, so not much to report there.

She has stopped eating baby food and is eating all table foods now! We just went for it one night and she ate enough to fill herself up and even ate fruits and veggies. Since then she's only gotten better and better with picking up different textures and sizes of foods. We haven't come across anything she doesn't like yet! It's been really nice to feed her the same thing I'm making for Cole for lunch or what the rest of us are eating for dinner. We can't believe how quickly she's taken to this since it took her so long to eat a significant amount of baby food.
One of Cate's newest tricks is standing up all by herself! She's been cruising along the furniture for awhile, but just started to let go one day. She loves standing and gets so excited by it. She also loves "walking" around holding on to our hands.

She's definitely at the stage where she's starting to get into everything! She's learned how to open kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. She will pull clothes out of our dressers, laughing all the while. She also LOVES music! She is a dancer! She bobs her head, shakes her body side to side, and waves her hand in the air. It is awesome and hilarious because she gets so into it! Her favorite song is "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift...taking after mister Cole there too! (Probably because it gets played so often!) She even dances in her car seat.
We know her personality is only going to come out more and more over the next few months! We are getting to a really fun age in that respect, but also tiring because she's going to be all over the place very, very soon once she starts walking! We already have to keep an extra eye on her. She is just a little sweetie and we couldn't love her more!

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