Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Weather

We got our first dose of winter weather here last week!  We had one nice day where we went to the zoo after Cole's day at school. The leave were so pretty too!
And then we spent a lot of time inside!

Cate is loving FaceTime these days. She just grabs the iPad hoping to see someone!

We had our first try at pasta with red sauce. Always a mess!

Cole looked like a little Tony in his sweats and coffee mug!

Both kids cheered for the Longhorns and their win over OSU!

Then the snow came on Sunday!  We just got a dusting, but it was pretty to see the snow coming down. We had the fire going, just staying warm. Cole couldn't resist going out to play after his nap though. 

Cate has been cracking us up with all the places the finds herself these days. She was crying in the window of the tent  while I was putting Cole's shoes on one day. 

Cole is growing up too fast!  He was pretend reading a book, curled up in the rocking chair. 

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