Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rough Day

Cole had a rough day at preschool yesterday. He usually loves going and has no problems just going on his way, and he ended up doing ok in the end. But after being there for about an hour, I got a phone call from his teacher saying he was uncontrollably crying in the corner and wouldn't calm down. He kept saying he wanted to give mommy one more smooch and he just couldn't get ahold of himself. His teacher didn't know what was going on because he's usually so happy and chatty. I even talked to him on the phone and he was still so upset. It was so sad. His teacher said she was going to work on him some more and would call me back. Well...I guess he was dancing around and she asked him if he needed to potty. He said yes and then just snapped out of being upset!  So who knows what the correlation was, but after that he was fine!  He even called me back and said he was ok. 

That was our first rough patch with school, and it's weird that it's happened three months in. You just never know with kids!

So it was a good day to do our monthly after school treat. He wanted Braum's birthday cake ice cream (with Nina!)
And then he had this little treat for mommy...
I love that little man!  His teacher thought it was so sweet too, especially after the morning he had. Here's to hoping next week is a little easier on him!

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