Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Play Dates with Cousins

I'm a little behind here, but we had two fun days of outings with Andie and her kids when they were here. One day we went to the zoo. The weather was perfect! We saw a lot of animals, ate a picnic lunch, and just had fun letting the kids run around together. The zoo was also decorated for their Halloween event, so they took a picture with the skeleton penguin at the entrance.
We saw the elephants up close and personal.
They played on the dinosaur.
Cole got the girls to pose on the letters with him.
Riding the train is a must.
And the carousel too!
The next day we went to the Tulsa Children's Museum. We had not been there yet because the one time we tried to go, it was closed for a school group. It was a great place for the wide range of ages of the kids, and they all loved it! They also had a dinosaur exhibit with moving, noise making dinosaurs and other archeologist type exhibits for the kids to explore.
Cole liked digging for bones and this electronic case that showed you what was inside different dinosaur eggs.
The large playroom had tons of toys for the kids to climb and play on. They especially enjoyed the tunnels and slide made of packing tape!

They also enjoyed climbing around the barrels that were under the tape tunnels. There were also some rope swings and large, foam building blocks that they played on for awhile too.
I wasn't sure how much Cate would be able to do, but they actually had an area just for little ones! She had a great time with the toys and crawling around to check everything out.

It was another beautiful day, so we let the kids play on the playground for a few minutes before we headed home. While they were playing, Andie's kids finally got to hear a tornado siren! They were doing a test on them, and the kids couldn't believe how loud it was. They had been talking about tornados since they had been here!

Tulsa's oldest home is also on the park property.
The kids loved the little kitty cat hanging out on the back porch.

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