Monday, November 10, 2014


We were so excited to have Cole & Cate's cousins still here for Halloween night and trick-or-treating! They have never been trick-or-treating before since it's not something that's really done in Paris. We had a big group with us this year including them, Tony's brother, sister and her husband, Tony's mom, and my mom. Luckily we were able to keep track of everyone!
Cole wanted to go as Batman this year. I made is costume again, but I bought Cate's. She was a cute little strawberry.
Batman loved the cape and making mean faces in his mask.

Just the kids! They had the best time together!
Ready to go get some candy! Cole seriously ran from house to house yelling "CANDY!" more than a few times!
Nina and the strawberry.
We brought the wagon for Cate to ride in, but Cole wanted to ride with her for a bit before he realized that he wanted to run from house to house. They also loved their glow sticks from Aunt Kathy! They used them the entire night.
Cate was the cutest thing ever riding in the wagon! She looked so little and sweet! She just hung out, waved her glow stick around, and had the best time even though it was really cold that night. I ended up taking her home a little before the big kids were done because she was getting tired and a little chilly. I was surprised how well see did since we never took Cole out to trick-or-treat when he was a baby.
Cole and all his candy! He made out pretty good this year, and he was loving having as much candy as he wanted that night!

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