Friday, November 21, 2014

Cate's First Haircut

Cole needed a haircut, so we broke down and got Cate's haircut too. The back was getting kind of long and the ends just needed to be evened up. 
She did great!  She wore the cape and sat so well for the girl cutting her hair. 

I think it turned out super cute!  Such a big girl!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cate - 10 Months

Happy 10 Months Little Miss!
No measurements this month, but Cate is growing, growing. All of her 12 month clothes are getting a little on the small side, and I think we'll have to get her some 12-18 month winter clothes soon. She's wearing a size 4 diaper, and still 6-9 month little shoes. She hasn't grown out of those things quite yet.
She is still on the same routine. Nursing every 4 hours and eating some food with each meal. She takes two naps, usually about an hour and a half each, and sleeps almost 12 hours at night. I wish she would nap a little longer during the day, but she's normally pretty happy until it gets close to bedtime. She also still uses the sleep sack and has to have a lovey to chew on in bed. I tried to take away the sleep sack, and she didn't sleep as well.
Cate has started making sounds a lot more regularly. It's like she's talking to us! She says "da da" and will say "ma ma" every once in awhile. She also waves and claps all the time. We love saying "yay!" and watching her start clapping with a huge smile on her face. She also gives hi-fives.
Look at that hair! It ends up in a pony tail on top of her head most days just to keep it out of her eyes.
Cate still only has two teeth, although the top ones look like they are getting close to popping through. She's been chewing on anything in sight for awhile, so it's been hard to tell when they might actually show up.
I've been trying to work on getting Cate to like and try more table foods. She's done really well with any kind of bread or pasta. She's had turkey, peanut butter, hummus, and butter on bread or toast, and she really likes all of it. She's eaten pasta with red or parmesan sauces, and likes that. She finally will eat Puffs. But the only small pieces of fruit or veggies she's eaten is a strawberry! She seems to have a harder time keeping them in her mouth, so I hope that with more teeth, it will change. I've still been giving her fruit and veggies in baby food form. She does love yogurt and applesauce that I'll keep giving her after we're done with baby food. Cate has even tried a little tiny bite of ice cream a few times. :)
She's also been working on a sippy cup and is really interested in cups of any kind, especially Cole's. She loves his sport bottles and can actually get some water out of those. She does a lot of chewing on her own cups though. So we'll see how she does over the next two months with it until she actually has to use it.
Cate is usually just a happy girl. She smiles and laughs all the time for us. She's started doing some dancing to the music that plays on her toys while she's sitting down or standing up. She loves to pull up on everything and is super fast crawling all around the house. She always wants to be where the action is, but has gotten better at playing by herself when she needs to. She loves playing with Cole and his toys, and Cole is pretty good about sharing with her. (He does have his moments though.) It's fun to recognize when Cate really understands us and will respond to what we are saying. She's so fun to play with these days. She's such a sweet little miss...we will keep her!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Weather

We got our first dose of winter weather here last week!  We had one nice day where we went to the zoo after Cole's day at school. The leave were so pretty too!
And then we spent a lot of time inside!

Cate is loving FaceTime these days. She just grabs the iPad hoping to see someone!

We had our first try at pasta with red sauce. Always a mess!

Cole looked like a little Tony in his sweats and coffee mug!

Both kids cheered for the Longhorns and their win over OSU!

Then the snow came on Sunday!  We just got a dusting, but it was pretty to see the snow coming down. We had the fire going, just staying warm. Cole couldn't resist going out to play after his nap though. 

Cate has been cracking us up with all the places the finds herself these days. She was crying in the window of the tent  while I was putting Cole's shoes on one day. 

Cole is growing up too fast!  He was pretend reading a book, curled up in the rocking chair. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Play Dates with Cousins

I'm a little behind here, but we had two fun days of outings with Andie and her kids when they were here. One day we went to the zoo. The weather was perfect! We saw a lot of animals, ate a picnic lunch, and just had fun letting the kids run around together. The zoo was also decorated for their Halloween event, so they took a picture with the skeleton penguin at the entrance.
We saw the elephants up close and personal.
They played on the dinosaur.
Cole got the girls to pose on the letters with him.
Riding the train is a must.
And the carousel too!
The next day we went to the Tulsa Children's Museum. We had not been there yet because the one time we tried to go, it was closed for a school group. It was a great place for the wide range of ages of the kids, and they all loved it! They also had a dinosaur exhibit with moving, noise making dinosaurs and other archeologist type exhibits for the kids to explore.
Cole liked digging for bones and this electronic case that showed you what was inside different dinosaur eggs.
The large playroom had tons of toys for the kids to climb and play on. They especially enjoyed the tunnels and slide made of packing tape!

They also enjoyed climbing around the barrels that were under the tape tunnels. There were also some rope swings and large, foam building blocks that they played on for awhile too.
I wasn't sure how much Cate would be able to do, but they actually had an area just for little ones! She had a great time with the toys and crawling around to check everything out.

It was another beautiful day, so we let the kids play on the playground for a few minutes before we headed home. While they were playing, Andie's kids finally got to hear a tornado siren! They were doing a test on them, and the kids couldn't believe how loud it was. They had been talking about tornados since they had been here!

Tulsa's oldest home is also on the park property.
The kids loved the little kitty cat hanging out on the back porch.

Monday, November 10, 2014


We were so excited to have Cole & Cate's cousins still here for Halloween night and trick-or-treating! They have never been trick-or-treating before since it's not something that's really done in Paris. We had a big group with us this year including them, Tony's brother, sister and her husband, Tony's mom, and my mom. Luckily we were able to keep track of everyone!
Cole wanted to go as Batman this year. I made is costume again, but I bought Cate's. She was a cute little strawberry.
Batman loved the cape and making mean faces in his mask.

Just the kids! They had the best time together!
Ready to go get some candy! Cole seriously ran from house to house yelling "CANDY!" more than a few times!
Nina and the strawberry.
We brought the wagon for Cate to ride in, but Cole wanted to ride with her for a bit before he realized that he wanted to run from house to house. They also loved their glow sticks from Aunt Kathy! They used them the entire night.
Cate was the cutest thing ever riding in the wagon! She looked so little and sweet! She just hung out, waved her glow stick around, and had the best time even though it was really cold that night. I ended up taking her home a little before the big kids were done because she was getting tired and a little chilly. I was surprised how well see did since we never took Cole out to trick-or-treat when he was a baby.
Cole and all his candy! He made out pretty good this year, and he was loving having as much candy as he wanted that night!

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