Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tulsa Run 2014

Tony and I were both able to do the Tulsa Run this year since my parents were in town to watch Cole and Cate! I skipped out last year to watch Cole since I was pregnant, so I was excited to get to run this year. This years race was a little different because the course had to be changed due to some construction on Riverside Dr. for this new park they are building. Usually a lot of the race is done on Riverside, and it's really nice because it's flat as can be and fast. Unfortunately, we had double bad news this year...more hills with the new course and unusually hot weather. It was over 60 degrees at the start, where it's usually in the 40s. This was not our fastest Tulsa Run nor the most fun, but we survived. I think the hills would have been more manageable if the temperature had been what we would expect for late October.

Tony - 1:02:37; 6:44 pace; 64th overall; 12th in age group
Beth - 1:08:16; 7:20 pace; 135th overall; 6th in age group

My Mom got some pictures of both of us at the finish.

I could not wait to see the kids and my parents while I was running towards the finish line! Cole was cheering "Go Mommy! Super Speed!" I loved it! He was easy to spot with his bright yellow pullover (like Pop Pop's).

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