Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Family Time & Wedding Events

Last week was super busy with all the wedding events! We started off the week with a family dinner at The Brady Tavern, where they have a family style fried chicken dinner on Sunday nights. I had never been there before, but the food was really good and the atmosphere is neat. I would definitely like to go back there again sometime. The kids did great, especially Andie's who were still adjusting to the time change. I think they would have fallen asleep at the table if it would have been quiet.

The kids love holding Cate and playing with her! It's really sweet. They all give her tons of kisses and hugs too. These are from Uma & Opa's house before we went to eat and then at the restaurant.

On Tuesday night, we had everyone over at our house for dinner. We had tacos, chips and salsa/guacamole/queso, and dessert. The kids had a wild time running around the house, playing with toys.

Wednesday was the night of Kelsey's bridal shower. My Mom drove up this day and stayed the rest of the weekend to help us with Cate since a lot of the wedding events were going to be late nights. Miss Cate doesn't take a bottle either, so she had to come to the shower for a little bit, but she really did great! She loved climbing on the stairs and getting a taste of the bread bowls and butternut squash soup!
The three of us put together the bridal shower. Debbie had it at her house which was perfect for the number of people attending. We did a fall theme for the food and d├ęcor with soups, dips, apple cider, and pumpkin desserts.

The boys got to go out to dinner to Sonoma that night. Cole and Opa were hanging out on the front steps waiting for Tony to come after work.

I didn't really get any pictures from Thursday, but we went to Cole's soccer class. My Mom and Tony got to go, which was fun for everyone! We also had family pictures taken with everyone in the late afternoon, picked up our Tulsa Run packets, and had dinner at Kelsey and Greg's new house.

Friday night, we had the wedding rehearsal at the Air and Space Museum and the rehearsal dinner at Kilkenny's. Cate went home with my parents because the dinner started at 7:30 PM. The rest of us had a good time at dinner, visiting with family.

Tony and Cole were doing superhero poses on the street!

Saturday morning, Tony and I did the Tulsa Run (more on that later)...napped in the afternoon, and got ready for the wedding! The ceremony and reception were at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. They have an old American Airlines plane that they have restored as an exhibit. Cole has always wanted to go up in it, and he finally got the chance!

Cole got to wear his new suit as the ring bearer.

These were the cute airplane pillows the boys carried with the rings tied onto them.

Love this pic of the Cole Man!

We did a lot of hanging out in the museum with the kids, which actually kept them occupied while we were waiting for everyone to get ready.

We ate dinner and chatted, did a little dancing, and headed home. We were really tired, but we did stay until almost 10 PM. Cole was still having a great time running around with his cousins, but as soon as we got in the car, we could tell he was exhausted.

Here are a few pictures of some of the bridal party from the photo session after the wedding. I didn't do a good job of taking pictures at this point because Cate was with us.

We all slept in on Sunday morning! My parents headed back to Houston and we went to Pat & Debbie's house for a brunch. We just relaxed in the afternoon, but had our church community group on Sunday night. Cole went back to Pat & Debbie's to hang out with his cousins and even swam in the pool! We heard they had a lot of fun and even had McDonald's chicken nuggets for dinner!

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